Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Leftovers??

What are those???
Thanksgiving leftovers aren't much of a thing at our house lol with seven adults and now three little girls most of our Thanksgiving meal is gone by Sunday :) but on occasion (usually when we make an extra large load of food) we still have a little of this and that the week following Thanksgiving. Believe it or not, stuffing was one that we had a little left of the following week. Sooooo I decided for my lunch I was gonna throw together one of my favorites that I don't do very often. I'm pretty sure they were originally called Poor Man's Crab Cakes lol but I just call them Tuna Cakes and they are delish!!! It's a really basic recipe than has a lot of room for adjustment or error! So excuse my terms of measurement but don't let them scare you away from trying them yourself!

Most of a can of tuna (because I made myself half of a tuna sandwich first lol!)
1 plop of mayonnaise 
Small handful (1/2 cup?) or your choice of shredded cheese 
Heaping cup of stuffing (dressing whatevs 😉)

Mix it all up and ball up into about 5 patties (depending on how big or small you want them - I've done them really small too for a more formal dinner party) and place into a greased pan over Med/high heat. Cook until both sides are nicely browned. Plate and enjoy!
Happy Post Thanksgiving, y'all! 

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